AVP Total Money Czech s.r.o. - the recovery of claims

We provide the following services in relation to the recovery of claims:


The recovery of claims having a commercial or private nature, trading in claims, offsetting claims, tracing other creditors, processing applications for insolvency, processing and registering claims for bankruptcy or liquidation and processing actions for the payment of a claim.

We will be happy to share our experience in the sphere of recovering and administering claims with you.

Your cooperation with our company begins by signing a contract of mandate and power of attorney. We then assign an employee to your case and he/she will be in charge of the management of your claim. This employee will provide you with information about the status of claims on request, will check payments that arrive in your account with you, and so on.


If your claim is acknowledged or finally judicially recognised, it will automatically appear in our Claims Exchange, where it might be purchased by someone else.

Contact us if, after considering everything we have to offer, you have decided that working with us is the best way forward. Our employees will be happy to help, provide you with further information and arrange a date and time with you for a meeting in person.

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